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The (P)Update - 4th March 24 - Time to squeeze into my Simon Cowell Hight Waisted Black Trousers!

picture of The Black Deer Festival and Supajam

This week I am squeezing into my Simon Cowell high-waisted black trousers, tight t-shirt and my Ananda Holden sparkly dress!

Yes, I'm on a judging panel this week for auditions for The Black Deer festival. Black Deer is the UK's premier Americana Festival. The headline act this year is none other than Sheryl Crow! It is going to be an awesome few days.

My involvement has come about due to my long standing partnership with SupaJam Education in Music and Media. SupaJam is an awesome organization that helps young people between 16-24 get a music business qualification as well as Math's and English GCSE's.

As well as that, I'm also composing some more cinematic style music this week for an ongoing project.

Oh, and as well as all that I'll be giving some guitar lessons and taking the dog for a walk!

Composing music for use in film, video and podcasts is an immense privilege. If you’re a creative innovator, emotive storyteller or just want the music in your productions to be unique and engaging, then lets have a chat….you can arrange one here…

I look forward to chatting soon.


Michael Coltham, Black Lab Music, composing bespoke emotive music for vide film and podcast.

Michael Coltham is a film and media Composer and audio wrangler who specialises in composing emotion through the medium of music. He runs a artisan, boutique Music Production Company called Black Lab Music, that specialises in helping build an emotional connection with audiences. He is a published Indie-classical/Neoclassical composer and artist. You can find his personal work at



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