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Music for Film & Video

At Black Lab Music, we understand the power of music to communicate and evoke emotion. That's why we create custom, emotive music that is perfectly tailored to your unique needs.


Whether you're looking to engage your listeners through a film, video or animation, we'll work with you to suggest the right emotions and create a dynamic, engaging soundtrack that perfectly reflects your message.

Experience the emotion of bespoke music tailored specifically to engage your audience.

A collection of engaging music instruments in blue and orange


By composing and producing engaging emotional music, we draw your audience into your story by suggesting how they should feel and then making them feel it.

A black Labrador looking at the camera with some sheet music notation


We craft the emotional beat of the music to exactly fit your story, with all hit points met, that ensures that your creative vision is never compromised.

A black lab playing piano and using a mixing desk in a music studio


By working collaboratively with you and using established Project Management principles, your bespoke emotive music is always delivered on-time

5 start google review for Black Lab Music by story screen ltd
Story Screen Ltd logo

Michael provides a fantastic service to videographers like me.


The added value bespoke music gives to my video projects is massive, and Michael has a great understanding of emotional beats and storytelling.


Plus he's a great collaborator, keen to work out together what the work needs. Dan Ford, StoryScreen Ltd

Recent Client Projects

Experience the Magic of Emotive Story Telling 

At Black Lab Music, we have a passion for composing music that brings stories to life.


We were thrilled to work with Dan Ford, Story Screen Ltd, and create music that helped capture the emotion of the Gold Medal wining race.


Check out the video and see how we can help you create the perfect musical score for your story.

The Voiceover artist needed a voice to convey his message, and Black Lab Music provided the perfect solution - a film and video music that spoke louder than words.


Our music helped Martin Whiskin share his journey, showcase his skills, and connect with audiences in a profound way. Let us help you do the same through our bespoke music services.

Can't find the right Royalty Free Music for your project?

We Are Collaborative

We work alongside you every step of the way to produce music that meets your vision

A man and a woman sitting at a mixing desk playing guitar

You are in Creative Control

  • With our collaborative approach, we will work alongside you every step of the way to produce music that meets your vision.

  • There are lots of reviews and check points, so we can make sure you are completely happy with the final piece.

  • Start to finish in about 2-3 weeks.

As easy as 1,2,3…


Creative Ignition

Our creative journey starts by understanding you, the story you are telling, your brand, your values, and your video or film. Then we work with you to develop an outline of the music that reflects your unique style that will connect with your listeners and engage your audience. 


Develop the Production

The audio outline is developed into a full music production, ensuring that your music is perfect for your project. 

There are numerous check points along the way for your to review and guide the development of the music. 


A Final Polish

We then ensure that your music is ready for broadcast, with every detail expertly checked and perfected. We Mix and Master your music to ensure it sits well with the story. When the music is ready, we’ll digitally send it to you in broadcast standard file formats.

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