Our Values

We Value People

Black Lab Music is a people centred company which is founded on relationships. It will demonstrate love, kindness, integrity and compassion through every aspect of its business and relationships. At all times Black Lab Music will place people first.

We Will Learn

We will be a reflective organisation that reviews its activities through the lenses of love, kindness, integrity and compassion, that seeks to learn and improve.

We Have Integrity

Integrity matters to us. We will do the right thing regardless of the cost. We will not make promises that we cannot keep. If we say we are going to do something, then we will do it. We will aim to deliver early and under budget, making sure we add additional value that goes above and beyond the clients expectations.

We Are Reliable

We will be consistent and reliable. We will seek to go above and beyond expectations in all circumstances, ensuring that relationships and products are high quality. We will give more in value than we take in payment.

We Will Serve

We will serve others, acting with humility, compassion, and courtesy. We will be servant hearted, recognising situations where we can help other people above ourselves. In those we help, their success is our success, and we will celebrate them.

We Value Relationship

We will seek to build relationships for the long-term, developing a personal connection with all. We will seek to truly know people and for them to know us, and act to build trusting relationships with individuals and the Black Lab Music brand.