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We all need a Black Lab to journey with…exciting yet reliable, adventurous yet dependable.


I was about 5 years old. A young tike of a boy with white-blonde hair. Growing up in the 70's meant that we could play outside with no fear. I would leave the house in the morning with mum yelling at me to be home by 5 for tea. She had no idea where we would go or what we would do…these were carefree times.

My dad worked long hour as shift worker I remember regularly being in bed before he came home, but on occasions he would be home before I was asleep. He would come into my room with his guitar and gently play me some songs as I drifted off to sleep. He wasn't a great guitarist, but I thought he was the best. One time, he even brought the dog with him, a Boxer called Kinetica. That was a magical moment….my dad playing guitar, the dog sleeping on my bed, me trying to stay awake and enjoy the moment forever, as I inevitably fell asleep.


It is no wonder that I started to learn guitar at an early age. Sitting on my dad's knee, holding his guitar we would play Country Roads and The Streets of London….'Have you seen the old man, who walks the streets of London….' I can hear him sing it now.


Guitar lessons started…and more dogs…. well puppies…Kinetica had 2 litters, of which we kept one…. Kanga.


One Saturday, out of the blue, my dad took me to our local music shop in Maidstone, Sharon Music, and I came home with an electric guitar…. a Vox Standard 25. I still use it now. It hangs in my studio to serve as a reminder of my journey and to be played…in equal measure.


More Dogs…. more guitars. Studios, Recording, Bands, Music Production, Dogs…. And then I became the dad with the dog who played guitar to his children…. creating strong relationships, empowering emotions, developing deep foundations through the power music. Now we work together, supporting each other, developing ideas together…. family…with a dog…. doing life…. doing music…. how it should be.


I’ve leant a lot from Dog's about the importance of relationships and how to have adventures….one dog in particular…. Maya, our Black Labrador.


I wasn't looking for a Labrador. In fact, I was actively not looking for a Labrador. An 18-month search for the right dog with the right temperament…. the right fit for us…trying to find the perfect balance of adventure and kindness, excitement, and reliability…. concluded with a Labrador…A Black Labrador…. A Black Lab.


My Black Lab now journeys with me, doing life…. exciting yet reliable, adventurous yet dependable, energetic yet kind.… Just how a Black Lab should be.


And that is the foundation of Black Lab Music… providing composition and music production that is exciting yet reliable, adventurous yet dependable in a way that empowering, supportive and kind.

Maya has her own Instagram account....@BlackLabMusic_Maya

If you would like to know more, please get in touch.

Regards as always

Michael Coltham

Founder Black Lab Music. 


+44 7583 982285


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