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The (P)Update - 25th March - It's 'Mixing' Week!

The Update on bespoke emotive music composition for video film and podcasts

Hi I’m Michael, and I’m the Emotive Music guy from Black Lab Music. And here’s what’s happening in the studio this week.


When I compose and produce bespoke emotive music for video, film and podcasts, deciding on what notes to play and how they are played is only half the process.

The other half is mixing it all together to make sure it has the right emotive feel, all the instrument sit well together and the the music works as one cohesive piece of music.

And this week, I am mixing the Knights of the Colossus album. This is a 10 song library album with about 30 minutes of music. And most of these songs have about 40-50 individual tracks of composing that need missing together….so it can be a long and evolved process. But, it’s so important in ensuring that our clients get music that really connects and engages the audience.

As well as that, I have a number of 121s this week:

I’m meeting Emma Papper on Monday…she is another composer and has over 4,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Then I’m chatting to Carlton Brunton, a videographer and filmmaker. This has taken about 9 months to arrange, so I’m really looking forward to this.

I have networking with The Chamber of Commerce and The Creative Collective.

I’m also going to Jodie Newmans The Business Shed too.

And I’m also meeting some fellow creatives for a catchup and natter about all things creativity. Looking forward to seeing you Joe, Elliot, Martin and Matt.

And in amongst all that will be a load of guitar lessons and some dog walking.

So, all in all a really busy week for me.

How about you…what are you up to.

Speak soon


MichaelColtham composing bespoke music for video film and podcasts

Michael Coltham is a film and media Composer and audio wrangler who specialises in composing emotion through the medium of music. He runs a artisan, boutique Music Production Company called Black Lab Music, that specialises in helping build an emotional connection with audiences. He is a published Indie-classical/Neoclassical composer and artist. You can find his personal work at



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