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How do I create emotional connection with your audience?

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

How do I use music to create an emotional connection to your audience?

In this short video I show you just one of the ways that I compose emotion to create a lasting connection between you and your audience.

And to emphasize the point, I create two pieces of music using the same chords played in the same order….but one has overtures of melancholy whilst the other is joyfully euphoric.

And when I produce music for your project, this is just one of the techniques that I use to:

✅ Engage your audience,

✅ And connect with them,

✅ So they don’t forget you.

So if you would like to be remembered by your audience, then please get in touch here

Because without the emotional music Jaws was just a hungry fish 🦈🐟🦈🐟🦈🐟🦈

If you would like some free tips and tricks to make your productions sound better, then click here

I look forward to hearing from you.

God Bless


Michael Coltham from Black Lab music composing bespoke emotive music for videographers, filmmakers and podcasters

Michael Coltham is a film and media Composer and audio wrangler who specialises in composing emotion through the medium of music. He runs a artisan, boutique Music Production Company called Black Lab Music, that specialises in helping build an emotional connection with audiences. He is a published Indie-classical/Neoclassical composer and artist. You can find his personal work at or visit his website at



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