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Music is Powerful!

Music is really powerful!

I think we all accept that, but have we ever considered how powerful it actually is? After all, we hear music all over the place….in the lift, supermarket, in our work, at home, whilst driving, watching Telly. Even my washing machine and kettle play music at me (yes, really!)

You would think that with all of this noise, we would have become immune to the effects of music.

Well, it appears not.

What is the effect of music on our emotions?

Music affects our emotions in various ways. It can

  • Trigger positive feelings such as joy, excitement, and relaxation, as well as negative feelings such as sadness, anger, and fear.

  • Influence our behavior by affecting our choices, actions, and moods.

  • Synchronise our internal rhythms with the external rhythms of the music, making us feel more connected and in tune with ourselves and others.

  • Evoke emotional contagion, which is the tendency to catch the emotions of others (an emotional pandemic!)

  • Activate emotional memories that are associated with certain songs or musical events.

  • Create new social bonds or enhances existing ones.

  • Comfort and provide solace.

With the consequences of music being so diverse and dramatic, music is often used to induce certain behaviour in us, without us actually realising it.

How is music used in industry

Music is used to persuade, influence, and connect with consumers on an emotional level. In particular, it is used to:

  • Enhance the creative power, empathy power, emotive power, and information power of an advertisement.

  • Induce positive or negative feelings that can affect the audience's perception of the brand and their purchase decisions.

  • Synchronize with the visual elements of an advert to create a coherent and memorable message.

  • Evoke associations with certain contexts, cultures, or lifestyles that can appeal to the target market.

  • Activate emotional memories that are linked to certain songs or musical events that can increase brand recall and loyalty.

To evidence this, an experiment was conducted in a wine merchants where French and German music was played over a protracted period of time. When the French music was played, there as an increase in sales of French wine. And yes, you’ve guessed it, when the German music was played, there was an increase in sales of German wine.

So how does that happen?

The music that we are exposed to is not an accident…it is completely intentional. It is composed and produced to achieve a specific objective. This is where I come in.

I help Directors, Producers, Brands and Creators connect with their audience by composing emotion through the medium of music.

Yes, that’s right…I said I compose ‘emotion’…..not compose ‘music.’ I suggest to people how they should feel about something and then I encourage them to feel it. And in doing so, I create an emotional connection with the listener that reflects the desired outcome of the project. The listener then associates that emotion with the film, brand, product or what ever the music has been used with.

What does that mean?

It means that music is never just background noise…..even if the music was added with the sole intention of being just that. Yes, even those bland corporate videos with upbeat ukulele’s playing in the background...just to fill some space in the audio. It is talking to you in a way that creates an emotional connection. And that emotional connection will ether have a positive or negative influence on the experience.

So, in summary, music is powerful. It creates an emotional connection and builds long lasting relationships and experiences.

And with music being this powerful, it should never just be background noise.

If you would like to know more about how music can enhance your project, brand or product, then please get in touch via Or, why not book a free, no obligation chat so that we can explore more about how music and emotion can elevate your project….book it here

I look forward to speaking with you soon



Michael Coltham is a Media Composer and Music Producer who specialises in composing emotion through the medium of music. He runs a artisan, boutique Music Production Company called Black Lab Music, that specialises in helping build an emotional connection with audiences. He is a published Indie-classical/Neoclassical composer and artist. You can find his personal work at or visit his website at



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