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Black Lab Music Bespoke Emotive Engaging

Because without the emotive music,

Jaws was just a hungry fish!

A Black Labrador sitting on a chair playing piano in a recording studio

Experience the Emotion

Experience the emotion of bespoke music tailored specifically to engage your audience.

At Black Lab Music, we provide high-quality, bespoke emotive music that is perfect for your next project. As an artisan music production company, we specialize in creating music that is exciting, adventurous, and authentic, in a way that is reliable and dependable that allows you to connect and engage with your audience like never before. 

Black Labrador watching television whilst eating popcorn

Composing bespoke emotive music that connects and engages your audience.

A black Labrador wearing headphones listening to a podcast

Increasing engagement through bespoke music that’s in-tune with your show.

A black Labrador using a mixing desk to produce a song

Elevate Your Sound and bring your creative vision to life with a Custom Song Production 

A black Labrador wearing headphones playing a piano

Your recordings mixed, mastered, produced and restored in the way you want.

Bespoke Library Music

All the benefits of bespoke music packaged with the simplicity of library music

Can't find the right Royalty Free Music for your project?

5 start google review for Black Lab Music by story screen ltd
Story Screen Ltd logo

Michael provides a fantastic service to videographers like me.


The added value bespoke music gives to my video projects is massive, and Michael has a great understanding of emotional beats and storytelling.


Plus he's a great collaborator, keen to work out together what the work needs. Dan Ford, StoryScreen Ltd

Royalty Free Music

Royalty Free Library Music

Black Lab Music is an Exclusive Audio Jungle author, providing high quality, independently curated, on-trend library music for you to licence directly to your productions. 


 We work with a diverse range of clients

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