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What sort of composer am I?

Top Hat and Tails, Bow Tie on straight, Conductors Batton at the ready whilst standing in front of a symphony orchestra?


A white frilly shirt, parchment and quill, with an anguished expression of an emotionally tortured artist bleeding their soul into their music in the fragile hope of fame and fortune?

That’s what a Composer is, right?

Bespoke composition for podcast, film and video. Composer working on a new piece of custom music

Well, personally I go for jeans and T-shirt most days, seated in a state of the art music production studio, whilst being emotionally stable and emotionally intelligent, whilst working intentionally to produce broadcast quality music that connects your audience to your story.

Full disclosure…I’m a bit partial to a frilly shirt…..oh, and I love a Quill….but both of these are not connected to producing bespoke music for you…..anyway, I digress….

You see….music is all about connection, drawing the audience into your message, creating a lasting emotional bond between your audience and….

You, and

Your Brand, and

Your Product, and

Your Message,

So that your audience

knows you….

and like’s you….

and trusts you….

And as a result……they choose you instead of someone else.

That is the sort of Composer I am…..I am someone who creates and produces bespoke, broadcast quality music that enables your video, film podcast stand out in the crowd by connecting your audience to your story.

So, if you would like to connect the story you tell to your audience, and have the music in your productions working as hard as your video then please get in touch.

Hi, I’m Michael and I am the “Emotional Music” Guy, from Black Lab Music I enable videographers and film makers to connect with their audience by Composing Emotion through the Medium of Music.

Because without the emotional music Jaws was just a hungry fish 🦈🐟🦈🐟🦈🐟🦈

Get free tips and tricks to make the music in your productions work harder by clicking here or,

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