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Everyone Loves Bespoke Radio Jingle Music, Right?

Action Coach Nell playing her bespoke emotive music from black lab music

Every loves a bespoke composed radio jingle, right!!!

Well, recently we had the pleasure of creating a new one for Nell Op de Beeck - ActionCOACH Nell.

Nell has just started a new radio show called 'The Voice of Business' on Radio Woking....and it's already No1 in the business show download chart! Every Tuesday at 7pm, Nell's show is packed full of business insight. Give it a listen here

Creating a Radio Show Theme Tune for a new show requires a deep understanding of the brand and the market, so we spent a long time getting to know Nell's unique style. She is full of energy, excitement and works at a fast pace...Oh...and has a love of early 2000's Euro Pop!

We not only created a brand Theme Tune but also project managed the whole thing, as well as using the professional voice of Martin Whiskin.

Nell now has 5 uniquely branded Theme Tunes exclusively licenced to her, to use across her radio show and any others she may present.

If you would like your brand to stand out like this, then lets have a Virtual Coffee and a can book one here

God Bless


michael coltham from black lab music on spotify

Hi, I'm Michael and I am the “Emotional Music” Guy, from Black Lab Music. I enable videographers, filmmakers and broadcasters to really connect with their audience by Composing Emotion through the Medium of Music.

Because without the emotional music Jaws was just a hungry fish 🦈🐟🦈🐟🦈🐟🦈

If you would like to make the music in your productions work harder then click here or,



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