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Lynne Bardell

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The Secret Time Society and A Carer’s Heart is owned and run by Lynne Bardell. She is passionate about supporting people who have had traumatic experiences and enabling them to cope with their experiences. As well a running a website, she produces video courses and a podcast.

Lynne needed help to develop the audio brand for both companies via a theme tune and supplementary music for use within the videos and podcast. By working in partnership, listening and seeking to understand, Black Lab Music developed creative ideas into a tangible solution. Here is what she had to say...

"As I started to plan my new business, I knew that I wanted to have my own music composed for the podcast and courses, rather using ‘off the shelf’ loyalty free tracks and I am so glad I found Michael. He is clearly very knowledgeable, highly professional and very personable, which helped to make what could have been an overwhelming experience, pleasurable. 

Michael took his time to explore exactly what my ideas and goals were, offering suggestions and clearly explaining some of the processes, to help identify different options. He then provided plenty of support to work through those options and versions until I had the wonderful piece of music I wanted. 

I love my composition, it’s bespoke and unique to me and it will help my podcast and courses stand out for others who use the same mass-produced samples and help to tell the story of my brand. 

Thank you Michael and looking forward to working with you again in the future."