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If you have comissioned some bespoke music from Black Lab Music on a 'Non-Exclusive' basis, but wish to have a short period of 'Exclusivity' to prevent anyone else using your music, you can buy a monthly 'Exclusive' licence. 


This will give you all the benefits of 'Exclusivity' without paying for a full, perpetual Exclusive licence. 


Your Exclusive Licence will begin on the date of purchase and run until the end of the billing period. 


At the end of the billing period, the licence for your music will return to be 'Non-Exclusive' unless a new 'Exclusive' licence is purchased. 



Only purchase this product if:

  1. You have commissioned a bespoke music production on a Non-Exclusive basis, and
  2. You have not paid your final invoice for the completion of the commission. 

3 Months Exclusive Licence

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