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The Weekly (P)Update - 20th Nov 23 - We love being a 'Pack'

At Black Lab Music we love being part of a Pack...and we love it when others join our Pack.

Clients become friends, friends become clients, strangers become friends. And this week as fair amount of that.

This week we are meeting up with Slavomir Kondratovic AMPA, Sean Carnegie and Kashane Smith as well as heading off to The Business Show with Martin Whiskin, Joe Gallant and Shelley Anderson-Tahiri....We might even get to meet up with Michelle Newman whilst there.

We are also grateful that Ben Bowles is back to host The Creative Collective Networking on Wednesday as it means I don't have to wear a fake beard...yes, really!

As well as all that, I have some guitar lessons to give and a dog to walk!

So that's my week. What are you up to?

God Bless


Hi, I'm Michael and I am the “Emotional Music” Guy, from Black Lab Music. I enable videographers, filmmakers and podcasters to really connect & engage with their audience by Composing Emotion through the Medium of Music.

Because without the emotional music Jaws was just a hungry fish 🦈🐟🦈🐟🦈🐟

If you would like to make the music in your productions work harder then click here or,

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