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The Weekly (P)Update - 11th Dec 23 - Some people are winding down, others are ramping up.

Hi I’m Michael and I’m the 'Emotional Music' guy from Black Lab Music….and welcome to the weekly (P)Update for w/c 11th December.

In the run up to Christmas, the creative industries tend to slow down as clients think about office parties and getting their ducks in a row ready for their Christmas break.

However, some business use this as a time of Competitive Advantage and push into the void left by those people knocking off early to go to the pub for a Christmas drink.

And I’m meeting with one such company this week to finalise the bespoke engaging music for their new podcast series. It’s a business podcast with a difference….But I can’t say too much due to client confidentiality.

When I was approached by the client, I instantly knew this was something we should do…their values really aligned with ours at Black Lab Music.

Elsewhere this week, we will be working on our Knights of the Colossus album, having a few 1:1’s with other creatives to better understand how we can support them, and of course, I have some guitar lessons to give and a dog to walk.

So that’s our week.

What are you up to?





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