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Your instrument track will be edited and produced to ensure that it sounds professional and commercial. It will be comp’d, cleaned and tuned. Any vibrato/modulation issues will be corrected, and timing and volume issues resolved.


If you are double tracking, we will ensure your ‘doubles’ are perfectly in sync and in tune with the main vocal.


Standard Service:

  • Comping (from up to 3 tracks).

  • Tuning.

  • Vibrato.

  • Modulation.

  • Amplitude correction for individual Notes & phrases.

  • Timing correction.

  • Corrective Compression & EQ - To deal with any major issues.

  • Amp De-noise.

  • Fret/Finger Noise attenuation.

  • Breath reduction.

  • Room noise correction.


£95 Per Track (up to 5 minutes of audio per track)

Enhanced Service:

All services included in the standard service plus:


Aligning & Tuning double tracks 


£195 - 1 x Main Track and 2 x Double Tracks ( Up to 5 minutes of audio per track)

Additional Doubles - £75 per pair of tracks

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