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Audio Restoration



Fee includes a professional restoration/clean-up and x2 revision rounds. Delivery times will be agreed prior to commencing work.  Once approved, you will receive the processed audio in 24 bit / 48Khz. Other formats can be sent on request. Files will be digitally transferred to you. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required prior to commencement of work. The final 50% is required on delivery of final approved mix. 

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Using the industry standard Audio Restoration software for audio repair, restoration, and enhancement I offer a comprehensive service for alleviating common to complex audio issues. This service is ideal for Post production professionals, audio engineers, and video editors alike who need to transform problematic recordings into production-ready audio.

Standard Service:

  • Initial Consultation via Video Call.

  • Free test restoration (to establish what is possible).

  • Digital clipping correction and removal.

  • Stereo Re-balancing.

  • Removal of Clicks and Crackle.

  • Removal of consistent tonal noise such as air conditioning hum. 

  • De-Hiss.

  • Removal of microphone bleed.

  • Address issues such as wind noise, plosives, sibilance, reverb, rustle.

  • Removal of specific noises, such as coughs, bangs and claps, 


Delivery Timescales:

I aim to deliver a first version of the mix within 1 week. 


£145 per Track up to 10 minutes of audio.

5 star google review for audio restoration by va via Voom video
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I will be using Michael again for many future projects.

As a videographer audio is my worst nightmare.... I only really like choosing music, I hate adjusting levels, cleaning up speaker audio. This is where Michael at Black Lab Music comes in. I used Michael to clean up some audio from a loud echoey room which once blended with the backing track came out great. Alex Durham, VaVaVoom Videos

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